Box It Now simplifies our process.

“With 24 years of structural and graphic design experience, I have been exposed to a lot of cutting-edge industry programs. Most of these programs are desktop based and require the skills of a seasoned designer. Box It Now makes the entire design process easier. We normally do multiple designs before we get to an order. It gives us more up front information before we cut the first sample.”

Best way to work with our suppliers!

“The PackageX site allows me to also include my team members on projects. We have cut lead times in half with the ability to approve and discuss active projects and files. Its is simple to load information that automatically notifies other team members. It has cut down on the need communications that we traditionally handled through email. Now I have both time sensitive info that helps my workflow run more smoothly.”

Generate Leads

“Box It Now has generated a lot of leads for our digital package printing business. Our customers are delighted when they see how easy it is to go from idea to putting their branding and graphics on a box. And there’s no need for them to figure out what comps or compatible files to send. With Box It Now, we receive industry-standard file formats as soon as our customer is ready to request a quote.”

Quote requests have never been easier!

“On the Packagex website provided by our supplier we can quickly ask for a quote on a new item within minutes. Using our form online we can generate all the specs and info required to get a fast quote on a new item that automatically notifies my rep and customer service department. We can actually create a box ourselves in the design library that provides the files needed to even create a sample for our marketing department.”

For the packaging industry and beyond, we create digital tools that help your business innovate and increase revenue.

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