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For the packaging industry and beyond, we create digital tools to help your business increase sales.

Solve Digital Packaging with Box It Now

Creating, sharing and purchasing box designs has never been this easy!

Collaborate with PackageX

Start projects, form teams, display products and get approvals to ensure work will be done effectively and in less time.

Box It Now is the ultimate digital solution for creating paperboard package designs.

Box It Now is the ultimate digital solution for creating paperboard package designs.

Featured Product: Box It Now

Digital Packaging Made Easy

Box It Now is a powerful, 3D interactive tool for quickly exploring, visualizing and creating digital package designs.

Featured Product: PackageX

Organize and Communicate

PackageX was created specifically for the packaging industry but will help any team streamline collaboration.

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Peek Into the Future

We are always working on new tools to maximize productivity and improve your workflow.

Years of Industry Experience

Enjoy cost and time savings with our comprehensive digital solutions built around a proven set of industry standards and best-practices.

3D Design

Explore, resize and manipulate hundreds of packaging designs in real-time. Request a quote and place your order online.


Store files, organize with folders and invite others to participate in your projects, ensuring work will be done more effectively.

Portfolio Management

Display products and highlight success stories to encourage communication between your sales team and prospective customers.

Lead Generation

Take your designer with you on every sales call with our easy-to-use digital tools that engage the buyer at every level.

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Our Team Knows What It Takes

We have decades of experience in every aspect of the packaging industry. Our team is composed of developers and designers looking for every way to cut workflow inefficiencies.

We Understand the Packaging Industry

All industries have specific requirements that automatically make generic software solutions unusable. We understand the history as well as the new challenges of the packaging world. This helps us create tools to help you get ready for the future.

Creating Around You

We’ve been in your shoes: constantly looking for efficient solutions tailored to your needs. Our team is laser-focused on creating the tools we always wanted but never had.

Clients Say

The Ultimate Digital Packaging Tool!

“Box It Now® is cool technology at work! Easy to use and provides the files we need to get the process started. Even the ability to do artwork on the package before the rendering process!”

“It’s like taking your designer with you on every sales call. It is simple to use and engages the buyer at every level.”

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For the packaging industry and beyond, we create digital tools that help your business innovate and increase revenue.

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