“PackageX helps keep a project on track and moving forward and it’s an easy way to make sure everyone is working from the same data!”

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PackageX was created with collaboration in mind. Invite colleagues to work on individual projects. Upload project files to keep everything organized and in one central location. Manage your design library and keep your portfolio up-to-date. Start discussions with team members and stay on top of every step of the project. Get more work done in less time!

  • Upload and organize files in a central location
  • Invite others to participate and set access controls to regulate who can view or use resources
  • Request and receive approvals to keep your project running smoothly
  • Discuss and resolve any problems that arise and leave notes so teammates know what’s important to you

“Many companies in the consumer packaged goods, packaging and retail industries already experience increased sales, shorter time to market and improved communications thanks to PackageX.”

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Organize files and folders, invite team members to participate, set access controls and create project templates that save you time.


Form teams, start discussions, add notes and get approvals ensuring more work will be done effectively and in less time.

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Display products and success stories to foster communication between your sales team and prospective customers.

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For the packaging industry and beyond, we create digital tools that help your business innovate and increase revenue.

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